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Our inspiration comes from all the women

we meet in our everyday life.

We aim to combine timeless elegance with modernity and comfort. Our pieces are notable for their minimalistic approach to pattern cutting.

We employ methods to conceal all of our structural

elements to make the interior as pristine as the exterior.

In contrast to some of our minimalist tendencies,

we enjoy ornamentation and embellishment

in certain cases where we feel it to be in balance.


We focus on technical excellence in construction and crisp elegance in our finishes.

Made to order, our clothes are handmade in Czech Republic by our excellent artisans.

From the design, fabrics are cut precisely by hand and then sawn by our craftsmen. 

Finally they become one of our unique pieces in your hands. 



Our garments are produced with the best quality materials sourced only from Europe.

From soft cotton, flowing silk to cosy merino wool.

Our fabrics, meticulously selected by us, will never fail

to surprise you when they touch your skin. We are focused on selecting the materials with the highest possible content of organic fibres to make sure

we don’t introduce plastic into our products if not absolutely necessary for its function.

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